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Enjoy luxurious vacations and prestigious life on the French Riviera and Monaco!

Villas and apartments to the most exacting taste.

We help You to:

• Select a property that corresponds to your search
• Rent
• Buy
• Get a mortgage loan from a local bank
• Manage Your assets
• Organize Your stay on the French Riviera and Monaco

Additional services :

• Car rental
• Yacht lease and purchase
• Property purchase in Paris
• Acquisition of shops, businesses and offices in France
• Business organization assistance

You will find numerous luxury real estates properties on this website.

After our mission is complete, we always stay in touch with our customers, and are ready to help you find new properties.

RFC Estates - Your guide to the world of the French Riviera and Monaco!




RFC Estates - a company of experienced professional in the field of real estate.

Principles of our work:

• Professional services
• Working for our clients interests
• Privacy
• Efficiency
• Reliability

Our specialization - investment in commercial and luxury private real estate, transaction assistance, loans, private assets management.



Our listing of real estate properties includes many villas and apartments, to suit every tastes.
But You can also precisely describe us the property You are interested in, and send us your enquiry.
We will contact You as soon as possible with a listing of properties corresponding to your search.



Loan - the best way to buy.
If buying property is accompanied by a mortgage, You need to consider, that the bank takes a decision 1 - 1.5 months after the submission of the complete dossier. In France foreigners can obtain a mortgage loan. A deposit of 30-50% of the cost of the project is transmitted to the bank and issued 100 % loan at a fixed rate of 4 - 6% per annum or at the rate of EURIBOR + variable interest rates 1,1-2 %, secured by real estate for a period of 5 to 20 years. It’s necessary to present proofs of the borrower's creditworthiness. For each client - individual approach. To start working with the bank, we need a photocopy of the passport of the borrower, after the consent of the bank lending for consideration of the potential client, You must complete an application for a loan, we provide our clients this document in the Russian - French translation.

- Photocopy of identity card - A passport and birth certificate, or if the borrower is an SCI : Charter + KBIS (certificate of registration)
- Bank Reference Letter issued by Your bank(s)
- A letter outlining Your professional career
Document on "audit of property" filled by the borrower, with the documents confirming his/her income (for example, bank statements portfolios issued by the bank of the borrower). Bank statements for the last 3 months, proof of personal contribution. If there is place to be: a loan amortization table, if there is construction, consult mandate to sell the real estate available for transfer credit (if it is in France)
All other documents confirming income from employment, real estate and financial assets (eg: receipt of salary, tax returns for the last 3 years)
Examination of immovable property (bank can arrange the examination if necessary)
Contract of intent to purchase or contract for reservation estate

*We provide our clients with Sample Bank Reference Letter.

P.S. All documents must be translated in French. Official Companies documents translation should include an apostille.



Buying a property on the French Riviera means investing in a stable region, with a wonderful climate and modern infrastructures. It entitles You to a multiple entry visa and individual consideration of the possibility to issue a permit. Citizens of any country can buy and sell real estate in France. Your rights and interests are protected by the state. Notary guarantees the deal. We will help You to get a loan and to conclude the deal. We work individually with each customer. We will select the appropriate options, will help to solve issues related to the design, maintenance and managementof your property, and will organize Your stay.
In addition to the properties already visible on our website, we can perform a personal search and select the ideal property amongst thousands of properties for sale and rent in France.

Fill in Your wishes about the property You are interested in, please and we will contact You.



Rent is the perfect way to relax in total harmony with the taste and the rhythm of life for Yourself and Your family, enjoying the comfort. Exceptionally pleasant climate of the French Riviera with its famous cities: St. Tropez, Monaco, Cannes, Mougins, Cap d'Antibes and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The atmosphere of Provence and the French lifestyle define the luxury and prestige of the French Riviera. For relaxation we offer villas, apartments and castles. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the chosen city and the region. For business visits and participation in numerous international events (MIPIM, Film Festival, Formula 1, MIDEM) we offer a wide range of hotels, villas and apartments that fit Your requirements. We work individually with each order. We will select the appropriate options and will help to solve issues related to the design, maintenance and management and will organize Your stay.
In addition to the proposals presented on the site, we will carry out a personal search in the database of the real estate #1 in France: it is more than 300,000 rental options.

Fill in Your wishes about the property You are interested in, please and we will contact You.




Duties of a notary in France are similar to many European legal responsibilities, as he is not acting in the interests of either party in the transaction, but is an official representative of the interests of the state, which, in its turn, strongly protects the buyer. Its function is to confirm that the transaction will be made in accordance with all relevant legal rules and confirms the absolute legality of the transaction, which cannot be challenged. Each Buyer and seller usually have their own notary, notary fees do not vary, and represent about 6 - 7% depending on the amount and cost of the mortgage. For newly built housing - 2.5%. Transaction is prepared by notaries, who are obligated by State to control the correctness of its execution. Notaries check the legal purity of property and are fully responsible for the results of this test. Another important factor: French lawyers have introduced so-called «seven-day cooling period» for the buyer to purchase the object. Even after signing a preliminary contract and therefore reserves the property ( that will be withdrawn from sale ) and making a 10 percent payment (which is done at the same time), the buyer may change his mind within a seven days period and abandon the purchase. The deposit will be fully refunded to the buyer. With this in mind, there is no need to involve a second specialist to work for them, although You might feel more "comfortable", having Your own notary or European lawyer to clarify the issues arising in the process og legitimizing the acquired property. Asking for advice from Your notary will help avoid difficulties in understanding the nuances of the French law of inheritance; there are ways to address these individual issues. If You want to later transfer the property to Your heirs, You should take the necessary steps to complete the transaction. Notary will tell You what documents You have to prepare and take into account the issue at the final stage of the transaction. Documents necessary for preparation of contract by the notary: passport, certificate of birth, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, and death certificate – for the acquisition of a real estate by a person or if SCI (company for management and sale of property) is not yet ready - (in this case in the preliminary contract, it must be specified that the final purchase will be issued to an SCI)

P.S. All documents must be translated into French and include an apostille.

To get started, You need to fill in a form indicating the buyer's personal information. We provide our clients this document.


SCI - non-profit association of persons
It is a contract between two individuals or entities usually for the purpose of optimal asset management. Company for tenure in France - should be established before the signing of the final deed of sale.
The initial capital of the company is not fixed, so it can be from 1.500,00 EUR and remain locked in the account at the time of establishment of the legal entity.
No age restrictions for Founders.
No restrictions on the form of contributions and allocation of capital between the Founders.
SCI institution time is about ten days after presenting of all required documents:
Photocopies of the passport of each shareholder
Copies of official documents about the family situation of each shareholder
Bank details of the shareholders. Statement of financial position or recommendation of the banking Institution
Information on the place of residence of shareholders: for Russian clients a copy of the national passport and residence permit, as well as the receipt of payment of utility bills
Charter and the certificate of registration of legal entities, Founders SCI
Preliminary contract for the purchase of real estate.
Authorities oblige meet with a client to start cooperation. All documents must be translated into French, with an apostille.
SCI - a flexible structure, ideal for long-term family investment. It has the same tax benefits that individuals and other additional benefits associated with the acquisition of real estate in their own possession. Besides, after 15 years of ownership, and in the case of resale property or shares of a company, there is no value-added tax. After 5 years of ownership, net worth is reduced by 10 % per year. Commercial company, in its turn, subject to endless high taxes. Non-profit association of persons, as opposed to commercial companies has liabilities on profit distribution, which has the following consequences: the shareholders are free to use the Company's property. In fact, there is no contract on the lease of immovable property between the Company and shareholders. This point is very important because for foreign commercial companies, real estate owners in France require a contract of lease and received revenues that flow from this are taxed at the rate of 33%. You need at least two companions in the nonprofit association of persons, for example, two spouses can be shareholders. We can talk about the physical and legal entities. Nevertheless, shareholders - legal entities are tax regime individuals. This type of organization does not have a mandatory minimum capital. This is the free choice of the shareholders. SCI status allows ownership of real estate by several persons and facilitates their transfer. It's a great solution that helps to avoid problems when disagreements shareholders on the division of property, the issue will be resolved manage the company (there may be several). The Company has a tax advantage for the transfer of shares relating to real estate, where their value is taken into account, be allowed a deduction for debt likely determine the net asset value, which will be the basis for calculating the right to inheritance.
SCI has another advantage, in spite of real estate that cannot be transferred by shares; SCI can be transferred partially under the guise of donating shares. It is also possible the division of shares between existing shareholders, this transaction is not taxable.
In comparison to the acquisition by a private person, SCI allows You to use the same favorable tax scheme for value-added, and there are other additional benefits.
In the case of acquisition by private person:
tax income above a certain limit (ISF – “wealth tax") is appointed, if the value of the real estate exceeds 770,000 euros, in the absence of bank financing. All that exceeds this amount is subject to a differentiated tax of 0.6 % - 1.8%, charged each year.
Company for management and sale of property (SCI) avoids tax on income above a certain limit (ISF), as the current accounts of the shareholders are treated as investments abroad.
In the matter of inheritance, divided shares and not property. Current accounts are also exempt from inheritance rights.

P.S. We will provide a detailed explanation and review of the individual case concerned our client.


We can help You get a loan and perform the deal. Our services are aimed at the organization and conduct real estate transactions, property management and organization of Your stay.
We will You to:
Get acquainted with the information about the region and the real estate market,
Organize meetings and consultations with
Bank employees in order to open an account and get a loan, with a notary, for the optimization procedure of registration of real estate transactions, with a fiskalist and advocate for the optimization of ownership and obtaining a residence permit.
Translate the documents needed at all stages of the transaction; it will be performed by certified specialists.
Make an expertise needed to evaluate the property in order to receive a bank loan.
Get diagnostics of technical state of the property - from 01/01/2007 before the sale of real estate property diagnosis should be conducted on the footage, termites, asbestos and energy insulation, the findings are provided to the notary for making the contract.
Architects, constructors, designers are available to build a new house, produce repair works. We can perform for You recruitment for the garden, pool maintenance, etc., execute the administrative procedures - paying bills, taxes, etc., organize Your stay in France - leisure, rental cars and yachts, holidays and special occasions.


Brief information about the French taxes

1. Property tax (taxe fonciere) - The annual tax
This tax applies to property owners; it depends on the location, type of property and its area - paid until December 15. Legal entities pay 3% of the total cost of ownership, property controlled by SCI with an annual declaration exempt from this tax.

2. Accommodation tax (taxe d'habitation) - The annual tax
If the property is for Your personal use, You must pay this tax, until November 17 (in some cases, can be extended until December 15). If You rent the property, the tenant pays the tax. If You have purchased a property for investment program (Lease-back) Management Company pays the tax. Exempt from property owners, used for commercial purposes (eg, for a hotel) and the owners of the real estate classified ISHM - monuments of architecture and history.

3. Property tax (impot de solidarite sur la fortune - ISF) - The annual tax
This tax is paid by each individual, whose capital in France (real estate and capital in the bank minus some debts on payments) exceeds 790 000 euro on 1 January this year. Excess amount is taxable at the progressive tariff from 0.55 % to 1.8 %.

4. Tax on profits from the sale (capital gains tax. La "plus value")
This tax is paid by the difference in price when reselling Your property in France. If You resell real estate, registered to an individual or SCI in the first 5 years after purchase, the tax is 33 % or 16 % if the seller is a resident of the European Community. When selling after 5 years every year the taxable amount reduced by about 10 % after 15 years tenure with its sales tax is not paid. When selling a property, which is a primary residence, the tax will be charged.

5. Inheritance tax
If international agreements do not apply, the French tax law is applicable. Inheritance tax is progressive; it can reach 40 % for highest amounts (in 2009 - more than 1,772,041 €). There is a no-tax minimum amount (€ 156,357 in 2009), subtracted from the share of each child. When passing on the property to a surviving spouse, the tax does not apply.

6. Tax on personal income (L'impôt sur le revenu des personnes physiques IR ou IRPP) - The annual tax
Every year during the period prescribed by the Ministry of the Budget, the tax payer declares his/her total income for the previous year; the first payment must be made before February, 16. This tax can vary depending on the amount of income and, if You have a family, the number of its members. The interest rate varies from 0 to 40%. With those over 75 years old the tax won’t be charged. Individuals residing permanently or temporarily in France are taxed on income earned in its territory. International agreements on bilateral taxation may exempt non-residents from paying income tax; treaty between Russia and France was signed in Paris on 26 November 1996.

P.S. We will provide You a detailed explanation and review of your personal situation.



During the crisis a sharp decline in global economic indicators led to the general instability, but unlike the major capitals of the world, economic centers and resorts, our local real estate micro markets are not affected, which is an indicator of stability.

The specificity of this region, combining all the elements necessary for business activity includes economic system aimed at the tourist business, infrastructure development, proven stability, the unique climate and culture multicolour.

San Tropez and St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, with luxurious possessions at the sea and picturesque towns with Provencal-style villas, penthouses in Cannes on the Croisette, Paris and Monaco with a lovely selection of luxury apartments - we offer You all of this diversity and the unique atmosphere of the real estate of French Riviera and Paris, meeting the most exquisite taste. We create all necessary conditions for investment in stable real estate market, where investors can rely on the professionals. Advisory services become fundamental in our work, complementing traditional activities: sale, rental, lending and management.

The French economy is attractive for investment in real estate and business, generating a steady income. France is developing the programs to attract foreign direct investment. Investors appreciate the skills of the workforce, a high level of scientific research and advanced technology, financial stability and good handling cost of production. Leading industries are: transport, telecommunications, agriculture, medicine, banking and insurance, tourism, production of luxury goods. Buying a business in France is profitable and prestigious, investment of capitals in one of the safest countries in the world. Owning a business in France, You are a direct investor of funds in the country and are eligible for long-term residence card. We can help You get a loan and perform the deal. We work individually with each order. We will select the appropriate options, help resolve issues related to the design, maintenance and management, meet You and organize Your stay. In addition to the proposals presented on the site, we will carry out a personal search in a database of real estate and investments #1 in France.


Insurance in France is mandatory in third-party liability for damage to life, health and property. The owner is responsible for the insurance of its own buildings and structures. On the day of the signing of the final contract - Acte de Vente buyer must have insurance on the property purchased. When selling the house need to inform the insurer by mail. Payments will be stopped and the contract terminated, or by prior agreement will be rewritten to the new owner. For the French, to insure themselves and their movable and immovable property from the possible risks helps to solve many civilized situation. France is the country with the most advanced security system, which has a strong tradition of "dirigisme" (from Fr. diriger – to control), that is, the state's participation in society using the methods of state regulation. French insurance market is characterized by a high level of insurance culture and organizational-legal forms of management of insurance companies. Historically, there was a system of branches and distribution methods of insurance products, as reflected in the French Insurance Code (Code d `assurances). Insurance contract usually consists of two parts: mandatory, common to all, and voluntary, that is unique to each policyholder, is automatically extended. For termination of insurance, You need to give in advance a notice to the insurer, in period of 20 days from receipt of the renewal. If the due date You didn’t terminate the contract by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, You will be required to pay the annual amount of the contract to the insurer.
Classification of insurance products in France.
The first block of the insurance industry - a "general insurance" (assurances dommages), which includes property insurance (assurances de choses) and liability insurance (assurances de la responsabilite). In turn, liability insurance is divided into insurance, professional, personal and even family responsibility. The whole industry of "General Insurance" obeys the so-called indemnity, the principle of redress, according to which the amounts paid by the insurer to the insured as a result of an insured event, shall not exceed the actual loss suffered by the insured. The second block of the insurance industry - a "Personal insurance" (assurances de personnes). This includes life insurance (assurances sur la vie) and "personal accident insurance and health insurance" (assurances individuelle accidents et maladie). "Private insurance" obeys the principle of compensation based on pre-determined fixed amounts.
PS. We will provide You a detailed explanation and review of the individual case.


"Architecture - numb music" I.V. Goethe

Selecting an architect to build a house – is one of the most important things that will determine the further joint work. It's really teamwork. It is necessary to find an architect who can understand and feel Your ideas about home and then bring them all at the home of Your dreams.
Architect - this is Your assistant in creation of comfort and coziness of Your home. The Côte d’Azur Theoule-sur-Mer there is one remarkable villa belonging to Pierre Cardin. These are round houses, resembling hobbit huts or space stations. You can even get an excursion to this villa or perhaps held an event there. Everyone has their own approach to a house project. Choosing the right architect You can realize Your individual design of Your original home, and we will help You find Your architect to fulfill Your most daring ideas of Your dream home.


«Twenty years from now You will be more disappointed by the things that You didn't do than by the ones You did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in Your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover»

Mark Twain

We also provide rental services and transaction support purchase of a yacht. The yacht is a natural part of life on the shores of the Côte d'Azur and its presence opens up new horizons and opportunities. Renting or buying a yacht, You can choose Your own route through the scenic Cote d'Azur driving Your own ship. These journeys will give You an unforgettable experience, incomparable emotions and inspiration for new achievements.

We help You find a suitable option of yachts on Your request.


The main task of property management:
precise planning activities
• development of an individual service
• timely delivery of planned activities and work on the project and organization and control of work processes
• normalization of relations with the owner of the local administration and staff.
All of these activities in the complex allow achieving significant savings in material resources and human resources of the client. Our activities are focused on the administrative and functional property management:
definition of leasing police
formation of the optimal composition of services
organization of security
ensuring the prevention of engineering systems
implementation of complex repair construction
ensuring of the optimal health status of the object and other necessary work with architects, construction companies, designers, lawyers and fiskalists.
In determining the range of services we have to study carefully the needs of the customer and to create a management plan and develop effective solutions.


We will help You to organize repairs in Your home and in Your apartment and help You find a designer according to Your wishes.

Interior design performs its main task - providing luxury, comfort and aesthetic pleasure. It is important to find a designer who will be able to see Your picture and put it into practice. Create Your own unique interior design and landscaping adjacent to the home garden.

We help You find the right designer who makes Your wishes about interior home and landscape garden or terrace into reality.


Before You buy land for the house in France, it is necessary to clarify some points:
• Is it possible to build on this site? We will definitely give You the information from the local urban development plan for the area (PLU - Plan Local d'urbanisme).
• Each piece of land is assigned a coefficient of building (COS - Coefficient d'Occupation des Sols).
• The seller must provide information on whether the soil is not contaminated due to industrial emissions.
• If the land is located near the coast or the mountains, be sure to inquire about possible floods and avalanches.
• If You buy land, 500 meters from the historic monument, then You need to get a certificate for 2 Construction: Simple construction permit (Le certificat d'urbanisme ordinaire ou simplifie) determines the possible size of the building and the location of the pre-exploitation and detailed solution (Le certificat pre -operationnel ou detaille), which gives the right to build.
• Building a house on a sloping plot of land will be more expensive.
• Whether communication are brought to the site.

Obtaining a construction permit:
• Preparation of documents for construction.
• Submitting an application for the construction in the mayor's office. Term of the application - two and a half months. Permit will be issued free of duties and taxes and will be published in the City Hall and on Your site.
• Sending a statement of the construction start to the mayor's office.
You cannot begin construction earlier than 2 months after permit and no later than 2 years after.
We will help You understand all the intricacies of building a house in France and Monaco.


We provide for You the exclusive car rental with or without a driver. Enjoy beautiful scenery, create Your individual routes or improvise and go wherever Your heart is calling and thirst of aesthetic beauty of Côte d'Azur.



In France there are a lot of various places where You can relax and enjoy nature and the magnificent monuments and architecture.
Paris - it's a special city which attracts everyone: romantics and cynics.
South of France - Côte d'Azur. On one hand, quiet and cozy towns of Nice, St Tropez, Cannes and others. On the other hand, there are all possibilities for a fun active pastime.
Wonderful views of Côte d'Azur have attracted the Russian aristocracy for a long-long time and they have left their traces on the local ground.
Vacation on the Cote d'Azur is automatically refined and it fills life with incredible impressions of the local luxury and splendor.
France - a country of love in all its manifestations. Coming here only once, You will immediately love this country.



A fishers' village, which is due to Sir Henry Peter Brouem, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, in the middle of the XIX century, has become a favorite place for the English and French aristocracy. Lord Brouem built a small villa on the hillside Chevalier and his friends, the British aristocrats flocked to Cannes, finding there a great climate and beautiful scenery. Soon Cannes was discovered by Russian high society.
Summer residence of the aristocracy added prestige and city in the middle of the XX century has become world famous thanks to the film festival. Every year for two weeks in May, the city covers celebrity fever. Thanks to media attention this festival is popular among movie stars and among the spectators. In the design of the streets of Cannes is common to observe a palm branch.
Quarter Mont Chevalier is one of the oldest in the city. It rises above the Old Port. At its heart, you can still find the winding medieval streets around the citadel. San Antoine Street with its restaurants, the main street of the quarter, it descends to the waterfront of San Pierre. Not far away is a typical Provencal market Marché Forville where restaurateurs and city residents buy live fish, vegetables and fruits.
Boulevard de la Croisette at Cannes became a symbol of one of the most famous places in the world for walking. Along the bay of La Napoule it stretches for three kilometers and is framed on one side by the sandy beach on the other by luxury hotels and luxury boutiques. It's on the Croisette stars of the world cinema walk into Palais des Festivals on the red carpet. Every summer in Cannes is an international fireworks festival and the best places to see it is the beaches along the Croisette.
Popular neighborhoods to buy real estate in Cannes - quiet hills of California and Palm Beach within walking distance of beaches.

Population 72 607 people
Area of ​​19.62 km2


The fifth largest city in France. Nice flowers are blooming all year around and the sun shines 320 days a year.
The city has been developed as a resort by the British, who gathered here for the winter. Nice soon became fashionable in Russia. Since the end of the XIX century and before 1914, between Nice and Saint Petersburg cruised luxury train.
Nice obliged by bright architecture monuments to the Belle Epoque period. One of the best examples is the Hotel Negresco on the Promenade des Anglais, conveys a sense of luxury and refinement. This promenade has a length of six kilometers and is popular among skaters and fans of jogging, and among idle vacationers.
Old Town in Nice - is a picturesque maze of narrow streets. Everyday it is full of life here and the streets shrouded scents of lavender and spices from local shops.
The main shopping street Jean Medecin - is a series of shops from small boutiques to Galeries Lafayette.
The most prestigious residential area of Mont Boron is on the eastern outskirts of the city. In the shade of pine trees and palms are luxurious villas with spectacular views.
Cimiez - this quarter - garden, and here you will find an old monastery garden with medieval logic and communal gardens with exotic flora and many private gardens. At the end of the XIX century European aristocracy built in this quarter its mansions.
Every year in Nice takes place carnival - a bustling and beautiful holiday.

Population 344 064 thousand people
Area of ​​71.92 km2

Cap Ferrat

Pearl of the Maritime Alps, covered with pine trees and surrounded by coastal Mediterranean Sea, gives its residents fresh air and atmosphere of relaxation, just a few kilometers from the lively Nice and Monaco.. In this paradise Riviera is surrounded by some of the most luxurious villas. Among the owners were writer Somerset Maugham, and actress Elizabeth Taylor.
At Cap Ferrat is located villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, open to the public. Luxury pink villa with white decor and a delightful garden in different styles.
For lovers of walking around Cap there is a paved promenade that takes about two hours, during which you can enjoy a magical panorama of Cap Ferrat.

Population 2 thousand people
Area of ​​2.48 km2


"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast" Ernest Hemingway

The French capital, its cultural, economic and political center, Paris was founded in the 3rd century BC by Celtic tribe Parisii.
Today, Paris is associated with romance, endless restaurants and cafés, flowering sycamores, the oldest university of the Sorbonne and, of course, diverse bars beautiful balconies that are unique to each home. Definitely you need to be here in different seasons in different moods and explore this magnificent city, even a little crazy. It certainly will make you much richer filling your life with numerous vivid impressions.
Paris is divided into 20 districts, numbered from the center to the periphery in a spiral.
In the 10th District are two train stations in the neighborhood - North and East. There is a huge concentration of immigrants and pickpockets. 11th District - very youth and the most populous district of Paris. This is an area for students. 20th District - is immigrant neighborhood.
12th District is a little away from the center but, nevertheless, it is a very pleasant, quiet, calm and safe area. 13th District - is the Asian region. 14th District - a pleasant Parisian area. The sightseeings - Montparnasse Tower. To live in this area is convenientl and safe, with only relatively long distances to reach the center of Paris. 15th District - nice area, but you will not find here sightseeings. Although it is not far from the Eiffel Tower and Bois de Boulogne. Safe, quiet and calm area. 18th - It's basically a noisy Montmartre.
Previously, the 19th District was considered a very disadvantaged, and now - it is a good modern district of Paris, where live bohemians and the bourgeoisie.

1st District

This is the historic center of Paris. Accordingly, the value of the property and its importance here is pretty high. This is a very prestigious area. There are sightseeings such as the Louvre, the Tuileries Gardens, and others. Everything is close and convenient.

2 and 3rd District

2nd District - the financial center of Paris. 3rd District - a very safe quiet Parisian neighborhood.

4th District - Ile de la Cite and Saint Louis

On the River Seine there are 2 small islands : Cite and Saint Louis.
Here is the oldest part of Paris - Marais, Notre-Dame de Paris and the part of the Latin Quarter. From the island of Cite started the city of Paris, the medieval Marais district is not affected by the restructuring. Centre Pompidou modern art is situated there. All these places are full of history and Paris.

5th District - Latin Quarter

This district is the intellectual and democratic. Here are the colleges and universities, including the Sorbonne. Professors live here and wealthy students.

6th District - Saint-Germain de Pres

From the 17th century, the Left Bank - St Germain de Pres - is a favorite place of intellectuals in France: artists, actors, writers. In the sixth district is the most Parisian park - Luxembourg Gardens - a place for rest and jogging. District is calm and quiet, and at the same time it is the center of Paris.

7th District - Field of Mars

In the area of ​​Champ Mars focused ministries and departments of France, so it is called Quarter of ministers. The main symbol of Paris - Eiffel Tower - is here, respectively here you'll find a beautiful apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower. One of the most prestigious areas.

8th District

In this district are located Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe. Here Golden Triangle of Paris, where you will find a lot of expensive restaurants and boutiques.
It is worth noting that the French president lives in the 8th District in the Elysee Palace.

9th District

This os shopping area, as there are two main store in France - Lafayette and Printemps and a large number of boutiques. By the cultural part of the district is the Opera Garnier.

16 - th District

In the west of Paris has long been settled local aristocracy. On the street you will find numerous Foch stunning mansions. Here is a nice stroll in the Bois de Boulogne and Parc Monceau.
16th District - the richest and most prosperous district of Paris. Living here is convenient, comfortable and very prestigious Parisian dream of anyone - to move into the 16th District. It is bordered to the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, Defense and Bois de Boulogne. And then the courts are the famous Roland Garros tennis tournament.

17th district just a nice quiet area.

In summary it can be noted the most prestigious district of Paris : the first, seventh, and, of course, the sixteenth.

Population - 2,274,000 people
Area of ​​105.4 km2


Principality of Monaco - a small country in the south of France on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. By form of government - a constitutional monarchy. Administrative division is into 10 communes. The most significant are La Condamine (La Condamine) - the area along the port, Roche (Rocher) - the old town, perched on a rocky promontory Fontvieille (Fontvieille) - quarter, built on the sea and Monte Carlo (Monte-Carlo) - the richest and most prestigious area. This is the main resort areas, and here are the wealthiest residences.

Guaranteed bank secrecy and low taxes attract billions of dollars from abroad.

Monaco - the so-called tax haven in Europe.

In Monaco there is a prestigious and high standard of living. Retirees moving here from Europe and beyond. Calm, temperate climate, beautiful nature attract to spend summer vacation and maybe even a lifetime.

In the old town, the ancient capital, Monaco -Ville, You can visit such attractions as the Cathedral in Neo-Romanesque style, Prince's Palace - the official residence of the ruling Grimaldi family, Napoleon Museum and Historical Archive of the Prince's Palace, Palace Square, Fort Antoine which is currently used as an outdoor theater, landscaped gardens St. Martin, chapel Chapelle de la Misericordia, the Museum of Old Monaco with a unique historical collection as well as the Oceanographic Museum with an underground Aquarium and The Wax Museum dedicated to the history of the Grimaldi dynasty.

Monte Carlo, in turn, offers a vibrant nightlife and of course casino Monte Carlo - the first casino in Europe. Also Opera Theater or Garnier Hall is worth special attention - one of the most beautiful theaters in the world.

Condamine - a business center Monaco. Here the following sites are worth visiting: the Church of St. Devote patron country cozy pedestrian street Rue Princess Caroline with its boutiques, cafes and restaurants, exotic park Jardin Exotique with picturesque cave of Observatory and collection of more than 7000 species cacti, and Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology.

In Fontvieille there is Museum of Antique Cars of Prince Rainier III, Museum of Philately and Numismatics, Fontvieille landscape park with a luxurious collection of plants from around the world and the Princess Grace Rose Garden, the Maritime Museum with a huge collection of copies of famous ships, Zoological Garden, and the largest in the principality stadium in the name of Prince Louis II - huge sports complex with an underground pool of Olympic class.

Basic association with Monaco casino Garnier in Monte Carlo, Russian ballet Diaghilev championship Formula 1 «Monaco Grand Prix."

Population - 35,896 people
Area - 2.02 км2


Cote d'Azur is rich in interesting events that are really worth a visit.

First of all, it's Cannes Film Festival, which attracts international stars, carnival in Nice, continuing two weeks, and the Grand Prix in Monaco.

In late May, International Cannes Film Festival is held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres in Cannes. This one of the most prestigious film festival was held in 1946 for the first time.

In February Carnival is traditionally held in Nice. This magnificent spectacle that will not leave You indifferent.

In addition there are other events held annually on the Cote d'Azur are: such as the Automotive Elegance contest in Monaco.


On the Cote d'Azur there are numerous luxury hotels. We can advise You the best of them where You will be happy to stay and definitely want to go back there.

1. A hotel in medieval village Eze with fantastic views – Chateau Eza


France - a country of gourmands where people enjoy the food and the restaurants here have a special role. In Paris the very first coffee shop in the city still retains and it is declared a historical monument.

Restaurant in France - is not just a restaurant, it's a place where the French spend most of their lives. Restaurant - it's an excuse to enjoy the culinary delights, to communicate on various topics, make business deals, idly thinking about high or something everyday. In addition to this a restaurant is a real cultural attraction of France.

We can recommend our favorite restaurants Côte d'Azur.

1. Truffle restaurant Chez Bruno at Lorges


The most beautiful beaches of French Riviera:
Plage Notre-Dame at Porquerolles island
Plage Elephant at Lavandou
Plage Saint-Egoul at Frejus
Plage Saint-Clair at Lavandou
Plage des Fossettes at Cap Ferrat
Plage de Camp Long at Agay
Plage de la Nartelle at Saint-Maxime
Plage de la Mala at Cap d'Ail
Plage Macé at Cannes


France - a country where You can bath in the sea and ski in the mountains at the same time, especially the French Alps is the highest mountain in Western Europe.

First snow falls in the French Alps in late November and lasts until mid-May. With its mild climate even in winter in the valleys at an altitude of about 1500 m the temperature does not drop below -10 ° C. The most favorable time for skiing from mid- February when stable sunny weather is established.

Just an hour's drive from Nice there are great ski resorts of Valberg and Isola 2000.

The first lift in the village of Valberg was established in 1936. At this resort there are 52 km of trails that are very suitable for skiing for a whole family as Valberg ski area is not very difficult. The top point is located at 1800 m

Ski resort of Isola 2000 – is also a great place for skiing. Here both beginners and professional athletes will be able to find some interesting tracks.

Probably the most famous ski resort of France should be noted. This is one of the most prestigious resorts. There are about 800 instructors and staff speaks 30 languages. There is a small airport where tourists wishing to ski on these wonderful slopes arrive.

This type of holiday is very popular among tourists and the French – thus, all ski resorts in France have great hotels.



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